Sunday, May 3, 2015

Rooms on Film: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

star-crossed: dodge and penny meet mere days before the apocalypse
This is one of those movies I watch whenever I find it playing on cable. A quiet little story about two people who meet as the world is counting down the end of days. As society literally breaks down around them, giving way to despair and chaos on every level, neighbors Dodge and Penny meet and join forces to return to their loved ones before an oncoming asteriod extincts mankind.

While Dodge is the main character, mired in a tidy regret, this post is about flighty Penny's apartment. She's the life of this party...

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Viva Print Media: Just Not Here

new specialty one-off: bohemian home
It was a landmark day! Friday I made my monthly trip to B&N to checkout the new magazines. As the dazzling global, eclectic home tours and editorials were flashing before my eyes, an idea occurred to me: don’t buy these, go home and buy digital copies from Zinio. And, save for one title, that is what I did. And, for once, it’s a relief to forego the physical magazine in favor of digital. Reason being, I’m currently digging my way out from under a massive stockpile of magazines. That’s right. I’m that lady who brings ‘em in every month, but rarely takes any back out. Just politely stacks them in corners and under furniture until there’s no more out-of-sight space to conceal them.

That’s what finally gave me the will to start putting my old magazines to the curb…where they belong.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Retail Odyssey: Madura Opens in NYC

909 Broadway - you can't miss 'em
On a street filled with the likes of ABC Carpet & Home, Safavieh, Design Within Reach, and Domain, a certain modern French flair has joined the mix. Madura has opened it's U. S. flagship store on Broadway in the Flatiron district: stripes, bold colors, jaunty patterns and luxurious textures.  

Now your stroll from Madison Square Park to Union Square just got that much dreamier.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lotus & Fig: Moroccan Tile Goods

moroccan tile in pink by micklyn at
Recently, while pinning away, I came across this beautiful print by Micklyn at Society 6. Obviously the combined color + pattern are exactly my jam:  varieties of pink, orange, lavender combined with a crisp Moroccan trellis lined in shiny gold. What puts this pattern over the top are the stencilled illustrations within each quatrefoil: wings, flowers, birds and lotus! 

Is it not the ultimate?!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Retail Odyssey: Patchwork Patterns at Vivaterra

vivaterra's kantha loveseat is a real showpiece
Thankfully this foxy little number is well out of my price range, 'cause that's all that stands between me and an epic impulse buy. Obviously it's best feature is the gorgeous patchwork Indian kantha in bright hues and energetic patterns. But it's secondary asset is the shape: those slimmed English roll arms, those carved legs (with casters!) and the tufted back. It's quite a stately little piece. I'd probably like it just as much in a solid color.

But it isn't solid. Not at all...

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Single-Girl Style: Sunny in South Africa

stylist tara sloggett at home in south africa
This little cottage has stuck with me ever since I first read about it a few years ago. The light-filled rooms and feminine furnishings feel very restful and refreshing. I could definitely vacation in a b&b (or home-swap) done in this style. The floral stencils on the dresser and mirror are particularly impressive. They feel more personal and distinctive than the average furnishings. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Color Story: Mad About Amethyst

john robshaw's lodhi shower curtain
If you know like I know, the deep midwinter can be a real bummer. Short days and low daylight are as a cloud descending, plunging me into a long stretch of hibernation and neglect. Hard to get anything done when you're bundled up in bed. Not this year! I resolved to fight it, fight it, fight it! Certain colors are particularly helpful in this effort, colors like Amethyst (or Lavendar, or Orchid...).

And this season, everybody's got some...